Elizabeth-doherty-thomasYou are a passionate professional longing for…

More clients

More creativity to spread your knowledge

 A better website

Figuring out your message or brand

New ideas on blogging

Help figuring out internet marketing

Any way you slice it, you want confidence, clients, and creativity to flow naturally online the way it does in your office.  You are willing to take action – but you don’t know what action to take.  Or, maybe you’ve taken action and things are still not working and you don’t know why.

The short summary of me:  I refuse to follow a traditional path and as such, have carved a fun little niche for myself as a bridge between marketing, business, internet, social media, therapy and technology.  I’m very real, playful, high energy (online and in presentations), and am willing to say things others won’t (which, to be totally honest, I don’t over-analyze or else I might go into a cave of self-doubt.)  Apparently my honesty is seen as brave, because I’m not afraid of being vulnerable.  I simply feel life is too short for charades and if my reality can help you, then I’m willing to “go where others won’t.”